We creates accurate maps from the sky

Drone Surveying Expert

The best part of working with us is we are industrial experts and we expertise on aerial and satellite imagery and surveying. You will never stop getting amazed by the effort and the outcome.

Ultra High Quality

Every projects must be done as accurate as they could be. Here at NikaGIS We take care of quality seriously. We provide you with images and videos with high quality, Crystal clear, super smooth.

Budget Friendly

We care about your budget. No matter if you have a small local project or national plan. We got you covered. We have solutions that fits project’s requirement. Ready to go.

Speeded Work

Time is the money and we start the project on time and complete it before the deadline. You can get your project done lightning fast without any complain.


At Nika, we always keep eye on upcoming technologies and we make sure we are always updated. So, our customer’s get the best and the output that stands in the international market.


Real properties including land and buildings are accurately modeled by drone and satellite imagery. 3D models of real estate not only benefits from best visualisation but it is measurable and could be turn to 2D and 3D cadastre maps. 

Volume measurement with UAV aerial photogrammetry is an extremely fast, accurate and cost-effective method to analyze volumes on your maps from your office. Our several tests have found that when following best practices our volume measurements are accurate within 1-2% of traditional ground-based laser measurements.

 Just about any project design requires a topographic survey in order for a project manager to know what the characteristics of the ground are in order to properly design the project. topographic survey using drones is accurate and cost effective. 


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